Rivaldo: Ramos move to Barcelona will be historic


Brazilian Rivaldo, the former Barcelona legend, believes that Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos move to Barca would be historic if it happened. 

Ramos’ contract with Real Madrid expires at the end of the current season.

No agreement has been reached regarding the signing of a new contract yet.

“Ramos did not renew or even reach an agreement about renewing his contract with Real Madrid,” Rivaldo said in statements carried by the Spanish newspaper “Marca”.

“I think that things are complicated, but everything is possible.”

Asked about the possibility of his transfer to Barcelona, ​​Rivaldo replied: “Of course, Ramos’ signing of Barcelona will be a good thing, but it will be historic and controversial, because of his great history with Real Madrid, and as I said everything is possible, but if this deal is done, the date will definitely remember it.”


 Rivaldo touched on the upcoming match between Saint-Germain and Barcelona, ​​and said: “In fact, I do not expect Barcelona to qualify, I do not know whether the players themselves believe in the possibility of qualifying or not.

He added: “I think it is impossible for Barcelona to score 4 goals in Paris,” he added.

“I did not expect Paris to win such a big score by going without Di Maria and Neymar.

He won the 2002 World Cup with them.

With Milan, ​​he won many titles, most notably the 2002 European Champions League.

He said about Ramos earlier that he gives safety to any team.

He is one of the players the striker does not like to face.

Because of its high performance, focus and great speed.


He won several championships with different clubs.

He won the Spanish, Italian, Uzbek, Greek and Brazilian leagues.

Where he played for Barcelona, ​​Milan, Olympiacos, Benodkor and Cruzeiro.


He won the Ballon d’Or twice from 97-98.

And the award for best goalscorer in the world 2000.

And many prizes that place him among the elite.

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