LeBron James: I’m in pain, and I’ll fight back quickly

LeBron James

Los Angeles Lakers giants LeBron James said, “I am in pain” inside and out “and will fight to quickly return to competition due to a severe ankle injury.

LeBron James

The Lakers are considered the title holders of the Professional Basketball League NBA last season.

LeBron James fell to the ground in pain, due to his injury, and after he collided with his opponent, Solomon Hill, of Atlanta.

During the two players ‘attempt to catch the ball during the match, which ended with Hawks’ victory over the Lakers (99-94) on Saturday.

“The Athletic” reported that the 36-year-old had severely injured his ankle.



And the duration of his absence was not specified.

 The American star wrote in his account on Twitter, “I feel sad for not helping my teammates on the stadium.”

He added, “I will begin the recovery process in order to return quickly to help my colleagues.”

The Lakers are third in the American League’s Western Division, with a score of 28-14.

And more than two months before the end of the preliminary round of the tournament.

LeBron James joined the list of players absent from the Los Angeles Lakers.

The list includes fellow superstar Anthony Davis.



Who suffered a severe Achilles tendon injury and has been absent since February 16th.


 Watch the injury:



LeBron James: I’m in pain, and I’ll fight back quickly

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