Manchester City qualify for the FA Cup semi-finals at the expense of Everton

Manchester City

Manchester City qualified for the FA Cup semi-finals, by beating Everton 2-0, in the match that was held at Everton Stadium.

Manchester City’s goals were scored by Kai Gundogan and Devin De Bruyne in the 84th and 90th minutes, respectively.

In the 17th minute, the first attempt for Manchester City came after a shot by Raheem Sterling from outside the area, which was caught by the Virginia goalkeeper.

And in Everton’s first attacks, she almost entered the goal.

After Yari Mina crossed from a corner, he hit a header that was removed by defender Zinchenko.

The first period of the match ended with a goalless draw between the two teams.

Then the second half began with a powerful shot from Raheem Sterling, from the edge of the area in the 48th minute.

But the ball missed the goal and went off target, in an apparent threat from City.

Everton appeared in the 57th minute, with a creeping shot from Brazilian Richarlson, to pass by the post.

Pep Guardiola made the first substitution in the 63rd minute by landing Riyad Mahrez at the expense of Bernardo Silva.

Then, in the 65th minute, the Englishman Foden fired a powerful missile that passed shortly to the right post.

To continue the tie (0-0) in the absence of solutions for both teams.

However in the 80th minute, and with the absence of solutions to the Manchester City attack.



Pep Guardiola pushed the second substitution, with the descent of the Belgian Kevin De Bruyne at the expense of Raheem Sterling.

Manchester City scored the first goal of the match in the 84th minute.

By following Gundogan with his header for Laporte’s shot, which hit the crossbar.

Everton tried to return the score with an easy header from Lewin, which did not pose any danger.

The City coach pushed the Spaniard Rodrigo a minute later at the expense of Alcay Gundogan.

Substitute de Bruyne ended the match with the second goal، after the Spaniard, Rodrigo, passed a diagonal pass, Kevin was alone with the goalkeeper, scoring the goal easily in the net.

However Al-Citizen almost scored the third goal, with a powerful shot from Brazilian Fernandinho in the 94th minute.

The match ended with a victory for City (2-0) and qualified for the FA Cup semi-finals.

The semi-finals could see the Manchester derby in the event United qualify for the next round.



Manchester City qualify for the FA Cup semi-finals at the expense of Everton

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