FIFA announces its position on the “message of the German national team” regarding the World Cup Qatar

German national

FIFA announced that the German national team will not face sanctions due to the political message that its players sent before their match against Iceland.  

In the European qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup Qatar.

 The 11 players in the starting line-up of the German national team lined up wearing shirts that formed the 11th letters of the phrase “human rights.”

In a letter reportedly addressed to Qatar, which has faced criticism for its treatment of migrant workers.

As it prepares to host the 2022 World Cup.

“We believe in freedom of expression and in the power of football for good,” the FIFA said.

FIFA will not take disciplinary action regarding this situation.

” FIFA had taken a similar decision regarding the Norwegian footballers wearing shirts that formed the phrase “human rights – inside and outside the stadium.”

Ahead of the team match against Gibraltar national team. In the past, the expression of political views at matches was unforgiving by FIFA.

But the International Federation has become more lenient on this issue recently.

Players are also allowed to kneel on the knee. In an expression of them protesting racial discrimination and injustice.

German government spokesman Stephen Seibert welcomed the team’s action.

He says he sheds light on the values ​​he defends.

Seibert added: “Of course it is a good thing because the national team is a good piece of Germany.

So it is a good thing because they revealed the values ​​of our liberal democracy. “

For his part, Stole Solbaken, coach of the Norwegian national team, said in statements to the newspaper “Verdens Gang”: “The German national team was one of the true greats who followed us.”


 As for the ProVans League, in Germany.

Which had joined the calls to boycott the World Cup.

She spoke of moving “in the right direction.”

But it is not enough from our point of view, “said Sage Zelet, one of its members.


FIFA announces its position on the “message of the German national team” regarding the World Cup Qatar

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