Netherlands sweeps Tarek mountain and Turkey draw in European World Cup qualifiers

European Qualifiers

The Netherlands national team swept host Gibraltar with seven goals, in the double qualifiers for European Nations 2020 and the 2022 World Cup.


The Netherlands continued to correct its course after losing in the first round to the Turkish national team.


And the orange won the first half with a goal to none in the 42nd minute through Stephen Bergues.


In the second half of the match, the Dutch team showered the hosts with six full goals.


The goals were signed by Luc de Jong, Depay, Vinaldum, Malin and De Beek in the minutes “55, 61, 62, 64, 85 and 88”, respectively.


After winning a double in the second round over Latvia, he raised his score from points to 6 in second place.


While Gibraltar remained in the bottom of the standings without points.


 Turkey 3 × 3 Latvia (European Qualifiers)


In the same group, Turkey tied with Latvia by 3 goals for each team in an exciting match.


The match was held at (Ataturk Olympic Stadium).


And the Turkish team opened the score early after 3 minutes, from the start, through its striker Kenan Karaman.


Milan’s Hakan Chalhanoglu boosted the lead with a second goal in the 33rd minute.


Before the visitors reduced the difference with the signing of Roberts Savannex, to end the first half 2-1 .


As the second half kicked off, veteran striker Burak Yilmaz scored the third goal from the penalty spot.


To top the scorers’ standings in the European qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup Qatar.


But the visitors ignited the match by scoring the second goal in the 59th minute, through his wing, Roberts Odleritis.


Latvia then shocked the hosts by scoring a draw through Akonex in the 79th minute.


With this result, Latvia lost the first two points for the Anatolians, bringing their score to 7 points at the top of the group.


Latvia won its first point after two losses to the Netherlands and Montenegro, to occupy the 5th and penultimate place.


Norway 1 × 0 Montenegro (European Qualifiers)


The Norwegian national team defeated Montenegro with a clean goal, bearing the signature of Alexander Sorloth, who scored the only goal in the 35th minute.


And the Scandinavian team maintained its hopes of competing for the boarding pass, after raising its score to 6 points.


With his victory, Norway ranked fourth on goal difference with the Netherlands, which is second behind Turkey.


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