Ronaldo leads Portugal to victory over Luxembourg in their own home


Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo lead Portugal to a 3-1 victory over Luxembourg, on Tuesday evening.


In the match against Jose Barthel, as part of the European qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.


He scored a hat-trick for Portugal, Jota, at D (45), Ronaldo in D (51), and Joao Palinia in D (80).


While the only goal for Luxembourg Gerson Rodrigues scored in the 30th minute.


With this victory, the Portuguese national team raised its score to point 7 in the lead, on par with the Serbian national team.


While the Luxembourg national team stuck at the third point in third place in the ranking.


The first attempt came in the 24th minute in favor of Portugal, with a violation carried out by Cristiano with a powerful direct shot, which was stopped by the goalkeeper.


Luxembourg striker Rodriguez opened the score in the 30th minute of the first half.


And in the 35th minute, Bernardo Silva hit a powerful ball from outside the area, the goalkeeper was brilliant in the response.


while Joao Felix injured his right ankle in the 41st minute, leaving the stadium to replace Netto.


Brazil, Europe, adjusted the result in stoppage time in the first half.


After substitute Netto sent a cross followed by Diego Jota with a wonderful header that hit the net.


while The first half of the match ended with a positive draw between the two teams (1-1).


In the 50th minute, Portugal managed to score the goal early.


However Cristiano Ronaldo followed Joao Cancelo’s cross, striking a wonderful ball that hit the net.


The Portuguese continued to crawl towards the goal, with a powerful shot from outside the area via Neves, which passed over the post.


Luxembourg almost reduced the result through a direct free kick, which Lopez was brilliant in facing.


Substitute Palinia fired a bullet of mercy at Luxembourg in the 81st minute.


However he headed home from a corner kick, the Luxembourg goalkeeper went into the net.


The match ended with Portugal’s victory over Luxembourg by three goals.

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