Video and summary: Real Madrid beat Eibar with the least effort

Real Madrid vs Eibar

Real Madrid won a precious two-goal win against Eibar this evening in the twenty-ninth round of La Liga.


The goals of the match were scored by Real Madrid, Spaniard Marco Asensio in the 41st minute.


And Frenchman Karim Benzema scored in the 73rd minute.


With this victory, Real Madrid raised its score to the 63rd point in second place behind Atletico Madrid.


Meanwhile, Eibar’s club balance remained at point 23 in the nineteenth place, to come close to relegation.


The start of the exciting match by Real Madrid


While in minute 2 the first threat came in the match, when Eibar Diop hit a ball, Thibaut Courtois managed to block the ball.


The response from the Merengues came quickly, as striker Karim Benzema took advantage of a wrong pass from defender Bozo.


To separate Dmitrovic, who blocked the ball with great brilliance.


Challenging video technique    


Benzema scored the first goal for Real from a header, after a vulnerable pass from Marcelo.


But the referee canceled the goal by the number of return to the flee due to the presence of Benzema in the case of offside.


The crossbar stood next to the visiting team after a superb shot from Asensio in the 21st minute.


Defender Bozo launched on the right side and fired a ballistic missile over the right post in the 32nd minute.


Spaniard Marco Asensio scored the first goal in the match, but the referee canceled it after returning to the mouse, because Vázquez was in an offside situation before passing to Asensio.


Spaniard Asensio returned in the 41st minute to score, to give Real the lead before the end of the first half.


Diop tried to threaten Courtois, with a smart shot from the borders of the area, but the goalkeeper caught it easilyAt d 44.


The first half of the match ended with Real Madrid advancing with a goal without a response.


Second half


With the 55th minute, Benzema received a cross from the corridor and hit a powerful header that passed over the bar.


While Courtois saved Real Madrid from receiving the goal with a fatal mistake from Vasquez.


He dispersed the ball before entering the goal in the 62nd minute.


The goal of decisiveness      


Brazilian Casemiro scored the second goal in the 71st minute, but the referee canceled it, citing offside.


Karim Benzema scored the Kings’ second goal in the 74th minute.


He received a cross from the Brazilian Junior and hit a header to the left of goalkeeper Dmitrovic.


Thus, the remaining minutes did not witness any seriousness in light of the timid attempts on the part of Eibar.


The match ended with Real Madrid’s victory over Eibar, with two goals to none.


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