Video: Sevilla shock Atletico Madrid ahead of El Clásico

Atletico Madrid vs Sevilla

Atletico Madrid presented a great gift to the Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid, and gave them another opportunity to approach the top of the Spanish League.


And that in the competition for the Spanish League title for the 2020-2021 season.


After he suffered a stunned loss that undermined his hopes of winning the La Liga (0/1) against Seville.


In the top of the 29th round.


And Atleticom Madrid stuck at point 66 in the lead, 3 points ahead of its arch-rival Real Madrid, and 4 points against Barcelona.


Barcelona will face its guest Valladolid today at the end of the round matches, and if it wins, it will regain second place.


On the other side, Sevilla rose to the 58th point, to occupy fourth place.


Real Madrid and their rivals Barcelona will meet in the El Clásico match, within the 30th round, next Saturday.


However Sevilla was the best and most dangerous party in the match, and he was the most in possession of the ball and missed opportunities to advance.


After his Argentine player Lucas Ocampos missed a penalty kick, in the eighth minute of the match.


Another Argentine, Marcos Acuña, wore the dress of the champion, after scoring the only goal of the match, in the 70th minute.


The match appeared quickly without a test stage, and began with a strong attack by the Andalusian team.


And who almost opened the score through his Spanish player Soso.


Who fired a shot that Oblak removed with great difficulty.


Andalusians get a penalty kick, after Ivan Rakic ​​of Croatia blocked Saul Nigues, the Rojiblancos player.


Argentine Lucas Ocampos took the kick, but missed it, as Jan Oblak saved it brilliantly, in the 8th minute.


With the start of the second half, the two teams had possession of the ball.


Before the 54th minute witnessed the first threat on the goal by Lopetegui’s men.


With a shot from Ivan Rakitic that turned the net.


Sevilla scored the first goal of the match through Argentine Marcos Acuña in the 70th minute.


After he followed a cross pass from the right hall, via Jesus Navas, to hit a superb header to the left of goalkeeper Oblak.


While Atletico missed a great opportunity to tie quickly, through defender Hermoso.


Who received a through pass from the left side, in the 74th minute, to shoot directly and tossed the ball over the goal.


While In the final minutes, Atletico Madrid tightened their attacks to tie.


While he almost achieved his goal, when Uruguayan Luis Suarez sent a cross pass, to Angel Correa .


But Moroccan goalkeeper Yassine Bono, Sevilla, deflected the ball well.


To end the ruling of the match, announcing Sevilla’s victory over Athleticomedrid (1-0).


Match Video:

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