Ronaldo leads Juventus to overtake Napoli


Juventus beat its rivals Napoli, with two goals to one, this evening, Wednesday, in the postponed match of Round 3 of the Italian Football League.



Portuguese international Cristiano Ronaldo scored the first goal for Juventus in the 13th minute.


And Dybala doubled the score (72).


Napoli scored a goal by Lorenzo Insigne from the penalty spot in the 90th minute.


With this victory, Juventus raised its score to the 59th point and thus jumped to third place.


While the balance of Napoli club remained at the point 56 in fifth place.


With the 13th minute, Ronaldo scored the first goal for Juventus.


After a through pass from Chiesa, to be met by Cristiano Ronaldo shot into the net against Napoli.


The first chance in the match for Napoli came in the 40th minute.


After Lorenzo Insigne received the ball at the edge of the penalty area, he fired a missile shot that passed over the bar.


Napoli almost scored the equalizer goal with the start of the second half.


After the Napoli player received the ball, he penetrated the area, fired a powerful shot and Buffon brilliantly sent it away.


Alvaro Morata passed the ball to his teammate Cuadrado in the 53rd minute, to fire a missile shot above the goal.


Napoli’s attempts continued in the second half of the match, and Insigne fired a powerful shot.


Which was deflected by goalkeeper Buffon brilliantly.


The 70th minute witnessed the participation of Paulo Dybala for the first time after an absence of more than 3 months.


While Gianluigi Buffon banned Napoli from adjusting the score on more than one occasion.


Immediately after entering, Paulo Dybala managed to score a second goal for Juventus in the 73rd minute.


After Paulo Dybala received a ball from the borders of the penalty area.



He hit a curved ground that fell into the net of goalkeeper Merritt.


However the referee awarded a penalty kick in favor of Napoli after Ousimen was blocked in the penalty area.


Which Lorenzo Insigne was able to translate to the goal of reducing in the 90th minute.


And the match ends with Juventus winning two goals to Napoli.


With this victory, Juventus raised the guillotine of dismissal from the head of its coach Andrea Pirlo.


Ronaldo leads Juventus to overtake Napoli

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