Fabinho admits to Perez his suffering against the Real Madrid star

Real Madrid

Brazilian Fabinho, the Liverpool midfielder, met Florentino Perez, president of Real Madrid.



After the two teams’ confrontation, last Tuesday, with the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals.


Which Al-Mergi won, 3-1 Perez, who used to come down to see the players after every match.


He spoke with Fabinho, who played for the youth team at the beginning of his football career, in the presence of young Vinicius Junior.


According to the Spanish newspaper Marca, Perez told Fabinho, “You played with us at the right-back.”


The Brazilian replied, “Yes, but for the time being if I play as a right-back, I will struggle against Vinicius, what a player.”


Vinicius scored two goals in the match.


To attract attention after the torrent of criticism that he has suffered from the past period.


Due to his squandering of opportunities.


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