Five reasons Sergio Ramos is troubled

Sergio Ramos

The Spanish newspaper Marca, who is close to Real Madrid, reported that Sergio Ramos is in the worst possible position for him since the beginning of his royal career for many reasons.


These reasons lie in:


1_ The player’s absence for a month due to the injury he suffered with the Spanish national team.

-And thus his absence from the decisive period.


2_ Real Madrid does not want to lift the captain’s offer, due to his advanced age.


3_ The big clubs in Europe did not act for Sergio Ramos, due to his high salary and his advanced age.


4_ Real Madrid has terminated David Alaba’s deal and he will join the team next summer.

-Which means that Ramos’ departure is possible.


5_ The team handled the absence of the player beautifully.

-And the appearnce of Nacho and Idir Millitao was remarkable.


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