One case keeps Ronaldo in Juventus


The Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, the star and goal-scorer of Juventus, sparked a great deal of controversy in the past hours.


After he took off and threw the Juventus shirt on the field, after the end of the Genoa match.



Juventus beat Genoa yesterday 3-1.


But Don was not able to put his name in the scorers’ records.



“La Gazzetta dello Sport” newspaper reported in its Monday morning edition that Ronaldo’s anger came from his inability to score any goal during the match.



She added that Cristiano would have thrown the Juventus shirt to the ground.



He directed some punches to the wall of the locker room.



Trying to end his anger, then he went to the shower and went in silence.



And she added that Ronaldo, in order to stay in Juventus in the coming period, will require some guarantees.



The most prominent of which is that he will remain if the club signs distinguished and great deals, indicating at the same time that the club cannot guarantee this at the present time.



She concluded that Cristiano Ronaldo’s future in Juventus is not yet certain.

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