Real Madrid rewards Benzema and ignores Ramos and Modric

Real Madrid

Real Madrid is about to agree with its French striker Karim Benzema to determine his contract until June 2023. 


According to the Spanish newspaper “Marca”, Karim Benzema will renew his contract at the end of the current season.


If the team and the player agree on the contract.


According to the Real Madrid midfielder, things are best for the club and the player to renew the contract.


The contract expires from the Frenchman Benzema in the next year 2022, but the royal club wants to renew with the striker early.


This is as a reward to the player for the great performance he has made with Real Madrid this season. 


Which contributed to Balanco qualifying for the Champions League semi-finals.


And the competition for the Spanish League title.


Al-Merengi does not consider that the extension to Benzema is a violation of the internal club’s decision to extend the extension for players who have exceeded 30 for one season only.


But this is a prior agreement with the 33-year-old striker, who is expected to remain at the club until 35.


The agreement with Karim Benzema comes in contrast to what the administration did with Luka Mordic and Commander Sergio Ramos.


As the extension for the two players has not yet been completed, despite their entry in the last year .  

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