Juventus set its sights on the Milan star


Italian club Juventus intends to deal a knockout blow to its traditional rivals AC Milan,
by kidnapping the main Italian national goalkeeper.
The Italian international’s contract with his club Milan expires at the end of next season.


While the Rossoneri is currently trying to reach an agreement on signing a new contract with the player.


According to the Italian newspaper “Corriere dello Sport”, Juventus is targeting Donnaruma for free after his contract with Milan expired.


The Bianconeri intends to provide a salary of ten million euros in order to convince the goalkeeper not to renew with Milan or not to negotiate with any other club.


This is especially after the French club Paris Saint-Germain wanted to join him.
And press reports indicated that Milan had set 8 million euros per season for Gianluigi Donnarumma as a maximum.


The newspaper concluded that if Juventus succeeded in joining the Milan goalkeeper.


Juventus will get rid of its goalkeeper, Vucic Cesny.

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