Manchester City qualify for the Champions League Final

Manchester City

The Algerian international and Manchester City star, Riyad Mahrez, led his team to the final round of the Champions League, for the first time in its history.


After winning on aggregate the two matches 4-1, at home to French club Paris Saint-Germain.



In the match that was held yesterday, Tuesday, at the Etihad Stadium.



The two goals of the match were scored by Manchester City, the star Riyad Mahrez, in minutes 11 and 63.



To qualify for this English club to the final of the tournament.



After its victory in the first leg at the Princes Park Stadium (2-1).



The Parisian started the match with great force and got a penalty kick in the 7th minute, after a handball on Zinchenko.



However, the referee changed his decision after returning to the mouse.



Which showed that there was no handball on the player.



Man City opened the scoring through Riyad Mahrez in the 11th minute.



After De Bruyne hit the ball, it hit the defense, and it set up in front of the Algerian international to deposit it in the Navas net.



Paris Saint-Germain almost quickly adjusted ,he result of the match in the 16th minute.



After Brazilian Marquinhos lifted a cross with a powerful header, it hit the crossbar.



In the 30th minute, City appeared offensive again,with a powerful shot from De Bruyne, adjacent to the post.  



Paris Saint-Germain continued his attempts, with a shot by Ander Herrera from inside the area in the 36th minute,which went above Ederson.



Riad pushed into the right side in stoppage time and hit a creeping ball that was saved by Keylor Navas.



The first half of the confrontation ended with Manchester City advancing with a goal without a response.



In the 63rd minute of the match, City added the second goal from a quick counterattack that reached England’s Foden on the left side.



And who sent a cross to Riyad Mahrez, to easily hit the Algerian international in the net of Navas.



Leandro Paredes hit back with a powerful shot from outside the area in the 67th minute.



Which went above Ederson’s goal.



The suffering of the Parisian club increased after the referee, in the 69th minute.



declared the red card in the face of the Argentine Di Maria.



And that after his attack without a ball on the Brazilian Fernandinho .



While the Argentine international was going, to implement the throw-in.



While Al-Citizen almost added the third goal in the 77th minute, after Fodin hit a powerful ball that hit the left post.



Pep Guardiola continued to rest his players, to pushing Sergio Aguero at the expense of Phil Fodin .



The match ended with Manchester City winning with two unanswered goals.



While Paris Saint-Germain was prevented from qualifying for the second time in a row for the final .

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