Real Madrid rebukes Hazard and offers him for sale


The actions of the Belgian international and Real Madrid star Eden Hazard, after the team lost to Chelsea (2-0), sparked a state of anger in the White Castle.


In the match that was held in the second leg of the Champions League semi-finals.


Eden Hazard, 30, appeared after the end of the match between Chelsea and Real Madrid.


And the kings were excluded from the Champions League, laughing with Kurt Zuma.


According to the famous Spanish program “Chernguito”, it did not pass at all at Real Madrid. ”


He continued: “Especially since Eden Hazard’s balance has run out due to his repeated injuries, so the Real decided to sell it in the summer.”


The Belgian international joined the Merengue ranks in the summer of 2019-2020, coming from the Blues, in a deal worth 100 million euros.


But he did not succeed in leaving any imprint with the club, due to the injuries he suffered, and his absence for long periods.


The matter is strange in light of the team’s loss and its exit from the Champions League.


And the grief of the team’s players.


Hazard has played for Chelsea for 7 seasons.


During which he won the English League twice and the European League.


He scored 110 goals and scored more than 100 goals.


Real Madrid rebukes Hazard and offers him for sale

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