The European Union plans to punish the Super League quartet

Super League

A press report revealed the intention of the European Football Association (UEFA) to punish some of the founding clubs of the European Super League during the coming period. 


According to the global network “ESPN”, UEFA is considering penalizing clubs for not participating in the Champions League and European League for two years.

However Federation president Alexander Ceferin wants tougher measures against clubs.

The network added, “This penalty will be linked to Article 51 of the UEFA laws.”

Which states that no alliances or groups can be created between clubs, without the express consent of UEFA.

” She indicated that Ceferin had held meetings with English clubs (Manchester City, United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham, and Chelsea).

They withdrew early, to reduce this potential penalty, if it was confirmed that they had all taken a step back.

While The report stated that Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Milan and Juventus have not announced their withdrawal from the tournament.

It is they who will be punished with these measures.


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