Cristiano Ronaldo beats Messi in a new struggle

Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese international and the new Manchester United star, Cristiano Ronaldo, broke the sales of the Red Devils shirts.


After his big return to the castle of the Red Devils.



United fans lined up outside Old Trafford to get Ronaldo‘s jersey, which bears the number 7.



To break records before the Portuguese giant kicked the ball and excelled in the struggle with Messi.



And just four hours after the No. 7 shirt was announced.



Manchester United’s online store has surpassed the highest-ever shirt sales day in a single location, according to The Sun.



The first hour of sales alone was better than a full day of “United Direct” global sales ever.



It is the official website of the United club.



Cristiano Ronaldo became the best-selling player in the first 24 hours ever, which followed his move to his new (old) club.



Cristiano Ronaldo outperformed Argentine Lionel Messi, who in turn moved to Paris Saint-Germain.



He also beat baseball player Bryce Harper, who transferred to the Philadelphia Phillies, in baseball.



He also beat American football player Tom Brady after his move to Tampa Bay Buccaneers.



And also NBA star LeBron James when he joined the Los Angeles Lakers.



Some United fans preferred to go to Old Trafford to buy the Don shirt from the club’s official store.



And that instead of resorting to the online store of the English club.



Ronaldo had played for the Red Devils between the 2003-2008 seasons, and crowned them with many titles.



Most notably, the English Premier League title on 3 occasions, and the European Champions League in 2008.



In addition to being crowned the English Premier League top scorer.



He also won the Golden Ball for the best player in the world in 2008.

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