A new history number Ronaldo appears in his first match with Manchester United


The star returning to the ranks of the Portuguese club, Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo, is close to achieving a new record in the English Premier League 2021-2022. 


The Norwegian Red Devils coach, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, confirmed that Ronaldo will participate today against Newcastle United. 


In the match that will be held in the fourth round of the Premier League. 


The official account of the Premier League, on the social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, wrote, “The last appearance of the Portuguese international in the English Premier League dates back to May 2009 against Arsenal.”


He added “If Ronaldo plays today against Newcastle, he will set a record for the longest period between two matches,” .

The official account of the English Premier League stated that the period between the two matches is 12 years and 118 days.


Ronaldo seeks to win many titles, as he did in his first period Ronaldo won many titles with them.

Manchester United

Perhaps the most prominent of them is the English Premier League 3 times .


And the Champions League once.


And he was crowned with them the award for the best player in the world.


He then played for Real Madrid for 9 years.


With them crowned with 16 titles, most notably 3 European Champions League.


In addition to winning the Golden Ball 4 times.


Then he moved to Juventus, and crowned them with 5 titles.


However to return to the ranks of United, hoping to achieve more titles. 


He is very relied upon by United in Europe. 


Where he has not reached the Champions League final since 2011.


He lost to Barcelona 3-1. 


Why not regain the English Premier League title absent since 2012.

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